COVID 19 Massage Update

With the easing of Covid 19 restrictions we are all now able to safely benefit from a massage.
There will, not surprisingly, be some changes in how your appointment will proceed in order to prevent the spread of infection and keep us all safe.

Following both government guidance and that of Sports Therapist Association I have carried out a risk assessment, in accordance to the Health and Safety Executive and the General Council of Massage Therapists.


There are now additional health screening forms relating to Covid-19, to determine if treatment is suitable at this time, and if any adaptions need to be made. I ask you to please print and fill in this form. If you answer yes to any of the symptoms. Please contact me before arriving for your appointment.


Firstly I can assure you that all steps and measures are in place to resume our work together in accordance with government guidelines and this will be the norm for the foreseeable future.
Your health and well being is of the utmost importance and this has all been taken into account when assessing my massage space and how I can provide the same service you are used to but in a new way of doing so.

If you have any questions or concerns please do get in touch.


Please could you bring with you:

  • 2 large towels, I am unable to provide towels at this time.
  • A mask, you will be required to wear a mask for the consultation and treatment, when lying on your back. When lying on your front the mask can be removed. Please bring the bare minimum into the room with you.


Please stay in your car until I come to get you. Your temperature will be taken and hand sanitiser available.

I look forward to seeing you and I hope this information helps, to put you at ease, that all precautions have been taken.


 Pleasse print and fill in this form and bring it with you to your treatment.

Covid 19 massage form