Sports Massage

Sports massage is an effective and beneficial form of physical therapy for:

  • Anyone taking part in regular physical activity, be it at a¬†professional level or just for fun. Toxins & waste products can build up in the muscle after strenuous exercise. After a period of time this can cause injury. Regular sports massage can reduce the risk of soft tissue* injuries as well as helping to prevent recurrence.
  • Athletes adopting sports massage into their training schedule can help prevent injuries and by removing these toxins and waste¬†products, improve performance by increasing stamina, strength and suppleness, giving you the competitive edge.
  • Those requiring therapy after a soft tissue* injury.
  • Those seeking relief from muscle tension or requiring massage for maintenance of healthy muscles.
  • Poor posture, too long sitting in front of computer screens and stress , sports massages can help alleviate many of these symptoms leading to a healthier happier life.

Benefits of Sports Massage:

  • Mobilises muscle fibres
  • Stretches soft tissue
  • Loosens adhesions
  • Improves movement of blood and lymph
  • Improves flexibility- e.g. Sciatica, frozen shoulder
  • Reduces swelling – e.g. ligament sprains, muscle strains.
  • Relieves muscle tension – e.g. neck, shoulder pain
  • Repetitive strain injuries – e.g. tennis elbow, shin splint



*soft tissue refers to tissues that connect, support, or surround bones, joints and organs of the body.